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Experience and innovations in various
mechanical engineering business fields


Glüpker Blechtechnologie GmbH

Glüpker Blechtechnologie GmbH is your partner for sheet metal machining in the areas of lasering, edging, pressing and welding.


At the Neuenhauser plant in Geeste-Dalum (NCAS), customers can cushion their production and assembly capacity utilisation peaks and implement outsourcing...

WOB Wessling Oberflächenveredelung GmbH

WOB-Wessling Oberflächenveredelung GmbH in Geeste-Dalum offers the largest contract coating plant in Europe.


Neuenhauser contract manufacturing meets customer requirements in the field of small and large part machining in batch and mass production.

TecPro GmbH

TecPro GmbH implements individual customer wishes in the field of laser components, surface coating and forming technology.


Neuenhauser NCAS is part of a strong group. 18 successful subsidiaries, subdivided into various mechanical engineering industry business areas, operate under the umbrella of HAVO Neuenhauser Gruppe Holding Aktiengesellschaft. Since the company was founded in 1955 by Hans Voshaar (1921-1996), a medium-sized mechanical engineering company has developed into a group of companies with over 2,800 employees.

The individual companies' activities take place in the following business areas: assembly and plant engineering, compressor and tank construction, contract manufacturing, construction of components, assemblies & systems, textile industry and automation, environmental technology and clamping elements. This wide product diversity across segments within the mechanical and plant engineering industry ensures that the Neuenhauser Group is not dependent on individual markets, while simultaneously reducing the influence of economic fluctuations in individual sectors.

The Group is particularly interested in cultivating a technology- and innovation-friendly climate in which unconventional thinking and new ideas are fostered. We attach great value to maintaining our corporate culture, which is particularly characterised by two guiding principles: "Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself" and "Do what you say and say what you do".

Further information is available on the Neuenhauser Group website.